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ACT Starts with YOU!

ACT Starts with You

When you DO the inner work instead of simply learning theory- that is when you BECOME a competent ACT provider.

My journey started in personal work and that felt experience of the pillars working together is what fuel my passion to share ACT with others.

Not only do those experiences fuel my drive to help but also experiences, stories and expanded metaphors to use in helping others adopt these life changing strategies.

Sometimes I get the question- where should I start?

My usual answer is with a life balance approach- check out my YouTube series to get started!

However I realized that is a bit overwhelming for some people and then they don't actually start.

So I looked to my own practice and where I continue to guide my own ACT application is in my triggers.

The idea of using the phrase- that triggers me-

as a message to get someone to stop what they are doing- and take responsibility for my feelings - Just doesn't work for me anymore.

There is a line between boundaries and respect and doing your own inner work to see what wound or sticky spot in you feels like it could use some movement.

Example- if you believe you are "not enough" you'll find examples of it, in your environment. When a situation comes up that confirms your feeling you might get big emotions and try to defend yourself from this painful feeling.

But the truth is- that if you didn't believe that painful thought, you would interact with the situation completely differently.

This is a response- ability you have. It's possibly in your response that would take practice, healing and changing the way you think and relate to your feelings and your environment.

And it's FUCKING POWERFUL ⚡️🔥✨🌙💥

It's also crazy uncomfortable sometimes.

But if you want to help people make this powerful switch- you have to start with yourself. Not even just because it informs your practice.

Not only because it also sets you up to see that subtle line between boundaries with others and response- ability in your client.

But because when you are closer to your values and living a life that lights you up- that energy ripples out!

Be the change! Start with you!

Applied ACT group coming again in January! Let me know if you want more info or are ready to have me hold a spot for you!

The goal being to take ACT off the page and into your real life while making a community to lean on and learn with! 🥳🥳

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