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What is Mindfulness?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

You hear this word, Mindfulness thrown around a lot. You vaguely know that its socially appropriate to be mindful... but what the heck does that even mean? Maybe you tried meditating and were frustrated almost immediately because your mind wouldn't empty on command. Maybe you even decided you don't want to be mindful and this stuff just isn't for you.

I am here to ask you to give it a try from a new perspective.

Your mind's job is to think, do and process the information your body is taking in from the environment. So mindfulness isn't about clearing it. It is about noticing how it works and deciding if that process is helpful, hurtful or just a waste.

Watching your thoughts as if it were a TV and giving it the feedback you wish the characters you were yelling could take- and actually taking it for yourself. When you were young a lot of patterns established themselves to save you time. You do so many things without noticing that you do them. The trick is, that if you don't go back and evaluate them, they keep running in the background anyway- helpful or not.

Mindfulness is about seeing those patterns and processes under the surface and checking to see if you still like that program or you want an update. And somethings may not need an update- like going to the toilet when you need to pee. But there are probably quite a few things that could use some serious patching.

Head back to my page for a free 15 minute mindfulness practice audio and give it a try. Who knows you might find something helpful. If not, you got 15 minutes to take a deep breath.



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