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Does this group align with your goals?

Spirituality -Applied ACT Small Group
"Good Fit" Questions

this group will be from the "new age" spirituality perspective as that is the term used for my personal interpretation. This group will not align with any form of religion and only from a spiritual perspective. So only proceed if you are open to this frame.

How to decide if this group is right for you

Reflective Questions and more information!

What I am looking for in group members is:

-eagerness to be social and participate: for me personally I enjoy more active discourse, it helps me to provide the most support and to judge progress and understanding. that way I can be sure to help each member get the most from the group!

-a willingness to be open: open minded to ideas and open minded to differing opinions. ABA can be a closed minded and ridged place which makes it more lonely. I want this group to be the opposite! So even if something is uncomfortable or even triggering I am hoping group members will meet those discussions with empathy for themselves and others in support of our joint vision of change!

-Interest in the ACT model from an applied perspective- I am not looking for people who only want to apply ACT to clients, but who want to live the process in service of changing their lives and allowing that process to ripple out!

If these sound like you, then look over the following questions and honestly answer them for yourself. You don't have to send your responses to me, just answer them as truthfully as you can for yourself. Reflective questions will be a big part of this group format- so this will also be good practice to see if this format works for you!

1. Why you feel like this group is a good fit for you and your vision for the future?

2. What your experience is with ACT so far?  Are you at least a little familiar with the terms or theory?

3. What do you hope to get out of the group?

4. How does ACT fit into your future?

5. Are you open to accepting different types of spiritual practices with an open- non-judgemental heart?

If you have answered those questions and feel like you are a good fit go ahead and email me! Hopefully I will figure out the payment plug ins eventually- but until then I am going to be running invoicning and communicaitons via email! You can DM me on Instagram or email me via the button below should help you out too! 

Make the subject Applied ACT Group and I will get you all signed up!

(While spots are still available!)

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