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We don't have to take ourselves too seriously to still be successful

One thing I do to counter my urge to be "taken seriously" is to be ridiculous.

Because I am ridiculous.

But I am also experienced.

I'm also educated and skilled.

These things can exist at the same time. And by showing people all the facets of me, I can show up exactly as I am, in my authenticity and be appreciated for it.

So instead of hiding the parts of me I fear- I counter the underlying belief that my silly, playful, sarcastic, sometimes crude or ridiculous nature will cancel out the skill, experience or education... I let both exist. And let people who think that's awesome find me.

Rather than cater to people who expect me to be someone I'm not - something that burns me TF out. I choose to let them move to another person or find services else where. I let them have unfettered thoughts about me without the need to try and change those thoughts.

Because in doing so, is the only way to open myself up to those soul aligned people who can appreciate me, for me. Who believe silly and skilled can go hand in hand.

So if I'm not your cup of tea- that's fine by me. But that doesn't mean I need to change.

Cheers to being ridiculous AND 🍻

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