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Why you should journal every day

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Specifically why you should journal about the good things that happen in your day.

Writing long crafted journal entries is certainly not for everyone, heck even keeping a journal isn't for everyone. But I am here to tell you that making time to write out things you saw that were good or that were moving you towards your goals everyday- that is worth the 2-5 minutes.

Getting practice noticing the good even if its just for a few moments of the day will make a profound shift in the way you view your life. Finding the good as an exercise can change your perspective on even the worst days and I would argue that finding the good will even change how you act an respond to others.

Think about it, lets say you are talking to someone from each perspective. After a bad moment you are more likely to be negative and the person you are talking to is likely to match that mood - starting your conversation down a negative path. However, the same is also true for the conversation that started in the positive. And that's just one way this strategy works. If you are feeling positive about something, the small actions, gestures, expressions, vocabulary choices, tone and more will reflect that feeling. I call this vibes. These small but powerful actions that you are not even aware of or actively choosing add up and compound in the way they effect others.

This effectively makes life a mirror. The more good you put out, the more you get back. Making an effort to find the good as it exists now will deliver tenfold to your life in joy and positivity. But how do you start?

Journaling- writing something down is proven by science to wire into your brain differently than speaking or typing. Both of those can work- but for the most bang for your time writing down a sentence or two on a paper will start to shift your mindset. Even more- having that paper bound to the other ones in a journal will allow you to easily reflect and see the change overtime, helping you to build momentum. Then you will be cooking with gas!

That's why I think you should journal about your day- especially about the good. It certainly can't hurt :)


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