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Find Balance & Clarity with Mindfully Mallory

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy 
Mentor & Life Coach

Combining Learning & Powerful Individual Change into a flexible & accessible model 

Author, Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Trainer and Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Specialty in ACT application. I help BCBAs, Agencies, Parents and People learn and apply the science of mindfulness and create a life that lights them up and that is rooted in what matters!

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About Mallory

Becoming a parent was a very humbling experience. When my son was born I realized ways in which my ABA practice was lacking. I studied up, tried some things out and found some strategies that worked to show up better for the parents of my clients. After my daughter was born my drive was redoubled as now I was a parent to a little person with a health condition and I realized this was the an even deeper glimpse into experience of the parents I worked with as a BCBA. 

Then COVID hit and things got even harder for all people & parents.

I decided it was time to expand my reach I put my strategies into a book as well as diving into the world of coaching and mentorship!

I am currently working on helping parents and clients by focusing on Clinician Training around ACT and Life Balance. Intervention starts with people who are at their best. When clinicians are supported they will better support parents and the staff they supervise- leading to better clinical outcomes. Therefore my focus has shifted to meeting this need in the face of unprecedented levels of clinical burn out. 

Change is upon us and I am excited to be at the forefront of that change helping one clinician at a time create an undeniable ripple effect in this field. 

My passion is helping people live the lives they want to live and having the honor of working directly as the clients of a clinician who's work life balance was honored and seeing how powerful that change was- it is my goal to make more of that!

I have a wide offering of ways to work with me and focuses I work in. At the small group level up to the 1:1. Including life balance and burnout work, starting a business mindfully and from a values based position as well as learning my favorite coaching strategies and even a CEU book club- all focused in applied ACT.  One thing about me is I'm not the most tech savvy person so if its unclear what is currently available from my website or my instagram- just ask! 

Client Testimonials

Hear what my clients have to say about ACT coaching!

As a life coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and get in touch with me today.

"throughout this process, I have walked into uncomfortableness multiple times and I have found out so much about myself. Ive learned to reframe the uncomfortableness to mean I am about to learn something new! Something exciting is about to happen and then it does! It's like getting your mind blown over & over in the best possible way. I keep growing.

I've changed my whole life with this process: 

  • work/life balance

  • boundaries

  • friendship

  • loving myself 

  • loving my life

  • my relationship with money

  • future dreams

  • living a life I love!

Thank you Mallory! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"​

A BCBA on the experience of my Immersion package

"Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am for you to be here, with me on this journey. I cant say it enough, its just be a whole different experience having you with me, guiding me to see and feel and find my truth and my values, and the strength to stay aligned with them. I appreciate that so, so much."

On working with parent and family values embodiment while using & learning applied ACT

BCBA on my Flow Support Package

"Mallory’s small group to apply ACT came at the perfect time for me as a BCBA, as a mom, and as a new business owner. I had taken some courses in ACT but still really wanting to understand HOW to really use it in my own mindset and especially in my business pursuits. Mallory helped connect me with a community of other BCBAs with the same goals in mind. She modeled the strategies and concepts and challenged us through meaningful prompts and coaching to better understand how ACT applies everyday both in our personal and professional lives. It was interactive, intentional but low pressure in the format she offered it in! I really enjoyed it and gained so much more applicable knowledge in ACT from it!"

On the Mindful BCBA Small Group

BCBA on my small group setting

Testimonials were offered by previous clients


Unpacking BCBA Trauma & Burnout with 

Applied ACT Small Group 

ongoing enrollment Available now!

This is my signature group which is now open for rolling enrollment in service of helping BCBAs relate to work and life balance differently using applied ACT. The goal is to not only teach you about ACT theory and how it relates to ABA but SHOW you while facilitating the creation of outcomes that CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

For more info 

Click the button below  to go to the info landing page 

or check out the other button to see if you are a good fit for this group!

Coaching & Mentorship Packages

Create a life that lights you up while learning to apply the science of mindfulness

Acceptance & Commitment Training Mentorship & Life Coaching can cover all the areas of life and goal achievement not limited to business, career, family, romance, spirituality, life balance, and beyond. Often times parts of our life are connected in ways that don't make sense meaning that this space is open to exploring whatever might be in the way of you creating your dream life. Additionally- for those who want it, I take care to teach you the ACT model while we are using it in practice. That way you get an intimate relationship and first hand experience with the model for your own client applications. Applied learning with the added benefit of personal growth is the goal of every package offered.

All The Things & 1:1 Weekly Support 


Access to all current group offers plus A Deep Dive into  

Life Balance, Goal Achievement & ACT Supported Learning

This package is for those who are, first and foremost: READY TO CHANGE THEIR LIVES!!

Broad Spectrum growth in multiple areas of life while learning the replicable process in ACT!

Including but not limited to: Loving your relationship with your kids, creating more communication with your partner, starting or growing a business, working with pervasive thoughts and feelings, overcoming burnout, changing your relationship with work, changing your relationship with money, achieving a goal like writing a book or something big you've never done, and so much more!

This is the MOST support available and you immediately become the highest priority class of my roster. This is a high touch container where you can expect exceptionally individualized support, and care in your goals and growth/understanding of how to use mindfulness to change your life!

included is: ACT mentorship & Consultation for your clinical beginner or intermediate ACT practitioners who are ready to take ACT off the page and have the space to do a deep dive into the theory and application of ACT through coaching & mentorship

This package includes:

In this 1:1 coaching package, you will have a weekly scheduled 1 hour calls (4 per month- 24 calls total). These calls will followed with an email summary and detailed weekly activities to try out emailed to you the same day. Plus email/text support as needed. 

Additionally you will get 4 days a week, DAILY VOXER access to me through the duration of our contracted time! Voxer is a walkie talkie app that allows us to exchange voice notes throughout every day in the moment you need processing or support towards your goals in real time! (this is a HUGE Value- as I am going to go as deep as you will!)


In this way you are getting organized & dedicated time and space to target your goals as well as ongoing troubleshooting, celebrating & support in service of your progress & learning! This is great for people who are dedicated to change but who also have space in their schedule. 

As a bonus: my 1:1 offers include any offer I made during our contracted time added for FREE- including access to my small groups and digital offers. Masterminds offered at a discount. 

Spaces for this offer are very limited per quarter. Schedule a discovery call to get on my wait list for January 2022

All the Things & Monthly Support 


Life Balance & ACT Support 

with a flexible schedule plus access to all the current group offers. 

This package is for those looking to CHANGE their LIVES but have a schedule that feels like a barrier to change & success. 

This mid level of support still has all the increased individualization from a small group model but with all the flexibility a busy (read overwhelmed) person needs to carve out time for change even when it feels like a tall order. 

This is my most purchased package and people have achieved goals like: Changing their relationship with their children, communicating more with their romantic partner, starting or growing a business, increasing their mindfulness skills in every day life, changing their relationship with their work, banishing burnout, changing their relationship with money and more!

While learning and experiencing the replicable process of ACT to do it all on their own when the package is over!

Of course this also includes ACT mentorship in their own personal application & clinical practice but who already have experience with the theory. 

This package includes:

Monthly 1 hour long recorded calls with me (6 total). Including email summary and detailed individualized activities create to suite your goals based on the mindset call that week. With interactive google journaling throughout the month. 

Plus 2 days weekly email & VOXER access to me. Voxer is a walkie talkie app where we can process between calls in an easy an efficient way when it works with your schedule. 

In this package you can supported in you mindfulness learning and application while making progress on your personal goals. This is a great option for people who have jam packed schedules but are dedicated to making to creating change anyway!

As a bonus: my 1:1 offers include any offer I made during our contracted time added for FREE- including access to my small groups, workshops, digital offers & Masterminds- to facilitate learning and experience!

Spaces are limited per quarter. Get on my waitlist for next quarter starting in September 2022.

Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with me to get started

All Packages can be broken into monthly payments. Ask me about what you are hoping could be your ideal arrangement.

Available Now!

To Amazon & Kindle

My Debut Title 7 Days to Clarity: A parent's guide to getting the most from ABA therapy is interactive journal, chock full of information, strategies, and applied activities all designed to get you a workable plan towards life balance in just 7 days. It addresses many of the barriers to success parents face when starting or maintaining ABA therapy.



to Amazon & Kindle

When Parent's are supported, their children thrive- a Behavior Analysts guide to using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in Parent Support

In my second title we will dive into using 7 Days to Clarity from the provider prospective of walking the walk of ACT in order to facilitate parental participation, balance, clarity, and therefore client progress. 

In this book there will be an ACT Theory Overview as well as a Clinicians Guide to Clarity before jumping into the practical applications of using the exercises in 7 days to clarity in a clinical setting. 


Want More Information?

If you are interested in scheduling a discovery call for one of my direct services offerings or working on a professional collaboration but not quite ready to schedule a call?

Send me a message and lets start the conversation!

Be sure to check your junk folder- just in case for my response :) I usually get back to you within 24 hours. 

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