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It is ok to dissapoint people

*I'm not mad- I'm disappointed *

Chances are, if you are triggered by this phrase you have a "people pleasing" tendencies or probably some experiential avoidance strategies around disappointing people or coming into contact with another persons disappointment

Overall this isn't bad- it's actually probably evolutionarily advantageous. As a social species it makes sense this would be something that we do readily.

But as a rule- this "don't disappoint people" can be problematic

Because really, it's ok for people to feel disappointed or really any kind of way about you sometimes.

When we start evaluating our actions from our own values, from our own goals and from a more open perspective- then we free ourselves from the need of approval.

Sometimes our dreams take us places that others don't approve of and that is ok.

When we let go of a need for approval, we might lose some people. And that might be painful. But think about the space it makes for new!

New opportunity, new outcomes and new people who love your vision and support you in your authentic values expression?!

It's an uncomfortable experience that I have endured many times now- and from the other side I 10/10 recommend 🔥

Because when you are you- unapologetically and authentically, finding your tribe of people- your life takes on a new meaning. And less time is doesn't placating and more time is spent LIVING!

Applied ACT small group is coming again in January! Let me know if you want more info or are ready to save your spot! More info coming soon!

Drop a 🔥 if you are ready to live in authenticity and start accepting your might disappoint people along the way

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