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A letter to the part of me I like, but that scares me.

Journaling is a huge part of my mindfulness practice and it's a huge part of my coaching.

From my perspective, journaling is a way to really start getting curious about your thoughts and feelings and to slow them down. Because forming the words on a page in a way that could be read will always take more insight than then hyper speed and fragmented thoughts that occur during thinking.

Then you get the opportunity to re-read that journaling and ask even more questions about what you write.

In my 1:1 coaching and in my small groups I propose lots of journaling prompts and then respond with more follow up questions for people to dig into limiting beliefs to shift in favor of learning more about who they are, how they tick and ultimately inform and practice being who they want to be instead.

Journaling is a tool I use to help people make informed choices about values based decision making and how I help move them towards independence when their time with me is over.

My little page is growing - a fact I am so grateful for- but since I haven't talked about journaling in a minute I realized some people haven't heard sing journalings praises or seen me journal yet...

So I pulled some letters to myself from my own writings!

This is a summarized version of me working with imposter syndrome around being seen/putting myself out there on my platform. This is something that was not intuitive to me in the beginning and something that took major practice, habit change and a ton of reframing - even though you might not know it to see me now.

What that also says is that it's possible for you if that is something that aligns with your vision for the future! Or that really any habit change is possible -if your why is strong you will find a way!

If you want to try out some interactive journaling check out my Holiday Intention Setting Workshop coming soon! Link in bio!

What do you think about journaling?⬇️⬇️

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