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Blame is not a Beahvior Analytic Approach

People are products of their perspective in their learning history and their environments.

I know you know this.

I know you know blaming someone for doing something isn't a behavior analytic approach and that doesn't really stand in the value of science based approaches. But it's really hard not to do this , to ourselves or others, when we are burnt out.

So if you find yourself getting stuck in blame and shame around how others are interacting with you or work- in clients, staff, parents of clients, teachers, family, friends or even yourself.... it's probably time for a burn out check.

My simplified burnout protocol check list is:

➡️ Lean into your version of self care immediately

➡️ get clear about your values and goals in the bigger picture of life

➡️notice the blame happening and check it with your values with grace and curiosity for any feelings that show up

➡️ask yourself -why am I blaming this person?

➡️ ask yourself- can I see this differently?

➡️ ask yourself- does this perspective have to be true?

➡️ ask yourself- is this helpful to your goals and bigger picture?

➡️ ask yourself- is there something I am avoiding or afraid of that blame is protecting?

➡️ then work on experimenting with a new way of responding that moves you towards your values and bigger picture goals with grace for mistakes and curiosity/openness


I know that's a tall order- but my goodness does it turn a stuck situation into gold.

And it feels so empowering to take the power back into your own hands. You know you can't make someone do something you can only change your response to it. So let's unstuck ourselves and shift some serious energy to make the changes we want to see!

Want help in this process? Check out my website for my current offerings, to schedule a free discovery call or get on my January waitlist!

I also have a mini workshop coming up around holiday intention setting that will follow a similar process! Link in bio!

Which part of the check list feels helpful to you?⬇️

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