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Getting Started in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

The NUMBER 1 question I get asked!

Where can I get started learning ACT?

➡️Get out of your mind and into your life by Stephen Hayes

Has clinical trials for effectiveness all on its own. Is a work book that lets you get started practicing and learning on yourself. I learn more from it every time I read it!

➡️ACT made simple by Russ Harris

- lives up to its name if you want some more text book style learning to lean on

➡️Praxis Continuing Education Training the website

Offers courses by the best people- I've got over 150 Credits with them and counting! High quality learning here! (unsponsored) here is their IG @praxiscet

I recommend starting with

✅ self study before clinical application

✅ reading!

✅ course work!


Remember ACT is just working with all forms of verbal behavior to create meaningful behavior change and it IS ABA! We don't have to measure the private event to measure the observable behavior change it create! Trust the data!

Go fourth and have fun with it!!

Interested in mentorship/coaching/supervision? Check out my website for current offers!

What questions do you still have that can I

Answer?? ⬇️⬇️

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