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How is ACT is ABA? The answer is in Verbal Behavior.

ABA includes Verbal Behavior - ACT is working with all forms of Verbal Behavior to elicit values based Behavior change- ABA creates socially significant behavior change that aligns with individuals goals. ABA is ACT.

Questions? ⬇️

What to stop being uncomfortable about this truth and learn it yourself?

➡️read books.

Start with get out of your mind and into your life by Hayes, the happiness trap by Harris and ACT made simple by Harris. All available on Amazon and Audible

➡️ Take courses.

I recommend the ones on @praxiscet and by individual ACE providers you vibe with

➡️ Start practicing on yourself

Get of your mind and into your life by Hayes has clinical trials for results via workbook alone.

➡️Get Mentorship/ Supervision

Check out my website, grab a free discovery call, check out my free content or check out other providers you vibe with!

We don't know to know everything- we really weren't taught this, but we can all learn and grow!

Where are you on your ACT journey?

🤩 just starting

🥳 caught the bug

💃🏻 hexaflex dancer


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