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Take Care of Your Side of the Street

Inner work can be super confronting and uncomfortable but it's insanely transformative.

Tips for making the inner work of ACT more comfortable:

➡️ Self Care

➡️Clarity in your bigger picture goals

➡️ Clarity in what really matters to you

➡️focus on both/and outcomes (instead of either/or)

By updating and tending to these things frequently- the hard stuff of accepting hard truths and taking action to move you towards your goals while stopping the habitual actions moving you away from what matters most- becomes a bit more manageable.

And when the hard stuff is more manageable- you're more likely to do it. Meaning your more likely to get more of what matters!

My website is up to date with 2022 groups and current 1:1 offers all in January!

Grab your free discovery call now to get on the wait list to kick off the new year in transformation!

Drop a ❤️ if you are interested in giving yourself the gift of ACT coaching this coming year, a fantastic way to practice all those tips and more ⬇️⬇️

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