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So I decided to write a book

To me writing has always been something I enjoyed. However there are many ways that it has been a challenge. I didn't actually intend to write a book at all. I intended to make a compilation of exercises to use at work to help families. The project just snow balled and before I knew it- I realized what type of project I was really working on.

The other crazy thing. It took less than 2 weeks. You read that right.

As I wrote I realized I have been working on this project for the last three years and the words just couldn't stay in my brain any longer!

I also decided that I wanted to make a lofty goal- to find a way to help 100,000 parents and families.

Some well placed Instagram adds had me talking with self publishers programs and I decided on following the Self Publishing School's outline in the book Published by Chandler Bolt.

Self edits are almost done and a wonderful friend who happens to edit is helping me get the ball rolling next week. Another wonderful friend is helping me with the graphic design for the cover work.

It's important to me to do this right, but also not to delay. This school year is going to be rough on parents- especially the ones who are the target audience for my book. Families with kids with behavior disorders.

So I am learning how to do a lot of new things right now- it is fun and exciting but I can also use any help I can get!

If you have a way to help message me in anyway you can and I would be happy to learn from you or have a few more hands.

Wish me luck!

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