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Triggers are an opportunity to grow

I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder- that means some some dietary changes.

When you've spent the last 3 years healing from a 15 year old eating disorder- that's some triggering shit!

Luckily- I've been down this road before and have an amazing team to help me, including the queen of intuitive eating herself @eating_mindful. Who literally talked me down after winding myself into a panic over my own food restrictions (again). *thanks Meredith💃🏻*

But the truth is- this is an opportunity.

This trigger exemplifies a choice- to choose those patterns of shame, blame and fear that I tend towards. Or to heal them using the idea that I am already whole and complete- and that I get to choose actions in service of my values and goals. To choose empowerment over fear.

Triggers are places to heal and getting help from experts with a passion for their craft will always be the vibe.

The first step is to notice the unhelpful thoughts and feelings- drawing awareness to their impact on you and your actions and opportunities.

Then give yourself grace- because we are all on our own journeys- and there is no wrong way to do it. Just information to gain.

The holidays can be a triggering time for many people- so just let that information come! And use your resources where you can!

I'm so grateful for the team of people I have to help me and how their powerful work allows me to do my own powerful work.

I choose to believe-The better it gets, the better it gets. Drop a 🔥 if this resonates with where you are at ⬇️

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